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7.5 golf r vwr springs creaking sound

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Hi all, I've fitted some vwr springs recently and now at low speeds it sounds as if there's a creaking sound  coming from the front end possibly top suspension mounts bet sure.  I'm just asking i

Mine used to over low speed bumps on the DCC shocks. Nothing elsewhere when moving though.   Used to creak stationary turning the wheel on full lock at certain times. Changed top mounts usin

When you fitted the new VWR springs, you should have fitted new front and rear top mounts/bearings etc. Also did you replace all the suspension bolts that were loosened or removed during the fitt

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49 minutes ago, bneh said:

@Spades - At what mileage did you replace your LCA bushes?

On a previous Golf 7 GTI PP (63' plate), I had Midland VW install the Superpro LCA and 'cotton reel' front bushes at around 70K miles. There was no record of the top mounts ever being changed and yet they never made any noise - only the LCA bushes did. It's going to be one or the other (bushes or top mounts) and IMO I would go belt and braces and do both as the time to do a combined job wouldn't be much more compared to having them done individually. 


I do wonder if the RS3 top mounts are a a worthy OEM upgrade? The heavier 5 pot engine (and gearbox), surely the top mounts would also be made to handle the increased loads / stresses better? 

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19 hours ago, bneh said:

@Spades - At what mileage did you replace your LCA bushes?


Mine was replaced at 26k miles but had always been creaking since my 2nd year of ownership so estimated around 6k miles. I always ignored it because I didn't want the hassle of not being with my car but it got worse and started creaking even on approach and descending from slopes slowly. 


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On 13/07/2022 at 13:48, bneh said:

Quick one: Have you tried spraying some silicone lube on your lower control arm bushes? You can do it with the car on the ground and turn the steering wheel to it's extremes to help with access. Never know, could be a free fix? 👍

I've seen these mentioned as common causes for creaking suspension:
- Blown shock
- Top mounts
- Strut bearings
- lower control arm bushes.

Let us know how you get on.

I've changed the top mounts now with new ones all new bolts and correct torque setting. Still creaking I'm thinking maybe the drop links?? Any help on this would be appreciated I'm going to try some iol around the lower drop link mounts. See if that help. I also thought of taking the drop links off and go for a little drive see if that eliminates the creaking. 

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Sold my 2018 R 17,000 mls a couple of months ago it also had the creaking suspension problem especially when slowly  reversing, with that and the possibility of the pan. roof surround cracking and more recently the  DSG software update problems.

Great car but decided enough was enough.

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