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My other car Ford Capri

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Love a capri and you’ve kept that in great nick - the wheels look brand new! And the arches have no bubbles!

Even just driving at 30mph is special in a capri, something about how the older RWD cars make you feel ❤️

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Loving the Capri, looks in really good nick also, top work.


I saw one driving on the walk to the Station earlier in the week, couldn't believe my luck when I then saw it parked up on the way home, black 2.8i, just had to go over to the owner and give him credit. Love how people keep these 40yr old cars in tip top shape.




Damian Mac Donagh


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Fantastic motor! Looks to be in great condition for its age.


I always lusted after these as a teen because my old man always drove Fords back in the 70's and 80's. His mk1 Capri 1600GT in Emerald Green and mk1 Escort 1600L in Sebring Red were both iconic for me as a burgeoning car enthusiast.

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