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Insurance is a total Joke

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Hi members,


48 with a clean licence, no claims acc or anything else. 4 years ncd and yet being quoted absolutely ridiculous prices on comparison websites. The best I got was 1300, the worst 2500 lol. My area isn't high risk and neither am i. Is it better to ring companies as opposed to online and also could you recommend ca few decent companies out there that will give quotes reflective of age and experience as well as ncd.

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Strange one. 

Mine was easily half of that and I've 'only' been driving 14 years with 9 years NCD.


I comfortably had loads of quotes around 1000-1200 and then anything less was fewer and far between but still ended up getting it for >£500.


Admiral, Elephant, Bell (all the same thing?) were most competitive. Adrian Flux were up there aswell and a few others with telematics which I ruled out. 

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