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Pure White R


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I've had my 7R for a few weeks now and loving it so far.  Didn't really want to see the R32 go but needs must.  This is our daily car so I have to pick future mods carefully (don't want to upset the other half). That being said i do want to do the res delete at some point, change the tyres and a service.  These are just a few bits that I have felt need addressing first. Obviously we all know things can spiral out of control once you start so this may change sooner than I thought.🤫




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On 10/08/2022 at 11:32, Tuffstain said:

Looks great.


Another 3dr Pure White owner here on Prets, love it.


First changes I made were 4 new tyres, an intake and a res-delete, definitely livens up the car a bit sound-wise, but now I'm after more and looking to go stage 1... 😀



Mine came with some budget tyres which I also need to change. I'm going for the same with intake,res delete and a stage 1. Think I've settled on a revo map. 👍

I do like the white 💀💀

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Hi both, I'm not long a white R owner myself, 3 door manual, since buying it back in May this year, I've refurbished the 18" cadiz wheels powder coated gun metal grey, remap stage 1 (makes a massive difference) Michelin P4 tyres and today just had a res delete done, im quite keen on keeping the look as standard as possible, so went this route rather than a full system, also didn't want to go full out piss the neighbours off with pop and banging, imo makes it sound how it should do

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I've said it before and no doubt I'll say it again (many times!), @Brett228 ...

I want to change - to be different and unpredictable. Really, I do. But then I see a white car, in all its glory - the dark trim and privacy glass contrasting beautifully against the polar finish; none of the design detail lost, like many dark colours; the joy of added camouflage of minor scratches and marring... And I'm back where I started! 😂🥴

It must have took some work to say goodbye to that R32 😍

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All the above parts are now fitted and it's also had a stage 1 ecu and tcu tune. I didn't believe how much this would change the car but it really is night and day.  Lots of intake noise with the r600 which is fine for me. This was all done at Devil Developments around 2 months a go and has been faultless so far. 


Discs are worn so these will be next on the " to do list " with new pads and fluid. Possibly spacers, suspension and new tyres.


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