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Hi all, 


Wonder if anyone can assist with this issue I am currently having..


I have a MK7 64plate Golf R - Started having issues with the driver side head light (the day time running lights and turn signal)


  1. Sometimes the turn signal would stay on permanently, sometimes it would flicker, restarting the car would usually sort this.
  2. The DRL Day time running lights sometimes came on, then would also flicker and turn off intermittently


After a few days of the above, they then stopped working all together however the main beam still works!

When i signal, the blinker flashed very fast and i get an error saying check front-right turn signal!


I have been doing some research and it looked like it may have been a module underneath the headlight which may have failed. So purchased a new one and replaced it however no luck.

Then I also read it could be the whole headlight which has failed and needed replacing (I needed a new one anyways as I had a crack in the lense due to someone driving into it)

I found a second hand one on ebay all complete with modules and was assured it worked, unfortunately it wasnt on a car to see.

Since then I have replaced the whole head light (swapped over the bulbs so they didnt differ) and for a day or so it worked. 

But I have now had the same symptoms as above and the day time running lights and signal lights do not work, even if the hazards are on.

I am still also getting th error message when signalling right.


I have plugged it in and its not finding any fault codes, i have also changed the fuses behind the glove box and still not solved this issue.


The main beams do work when turned on/ gone dark but I have no day time or signal/hazard lights.


I havent tried to switch the modules from left to right, just in case there is something which is blowing a diode or something in the actual headlight and then I have 2 which are gone! 


Does anyone have any recommendations or may know what it is the cause?


I am West Midlands based, so if anyone knows of any auto electricians who can help or has come across this problem before.


ANY help is much appreciated


Thank you.









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Hi Mustard, thanks for your reply.


I have checked all terminal and ports and there are no signs of corrosion, there Is still power coming to the head light as the main beam still works. The day time running lights and turn signal have just completely stopped working.



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Are all the lights working correctly on the other side headlight ?  If so, then the problem is likely to be with that side only. 


Are all the part numbers identical in the replacement headlight & modules when compared to the original headlight.


I'd be having a another (very thorough) look at all the connections, looms and earths to the problem headlight, as you mentioned "someone driving into it", that makes me suspicious that there might have been some other damage you haven't been able to locate so far.

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Hi Greg, 


Yes lights are working fine on passenger side (cornering/day time/signal & beam) 


Part numbers all identical, to the lamp itself and the modules underneath


When I said someone drove into it, it was more of a 5cm hairline crack in the lense, it wasnt shattered or anything. The headlight and its fittings are all intact. Its was more cosmetic damage which bugged me! 


I have seen a lot of people comment about the same issues on various forums, but i have never seen anybody showing a solution.. 


May need to find an auto electrician to investigate further

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