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Michelin Sport 4s or 5


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I think they are very close on most aspects,

with 4S being slightly better at communicating

and handling precision on tight cornering

and maybe a touch grippier (lower treadwear)


asked my tyre guy to do a last check

if the 4S isn’t available - I’ll go with PS5



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According to the information that I read, Michelin Pilot Sport 5 and 4S are good tires for the summer. Although the PS5 gets greater mileage, it performs a little worse than it should, which can significantly affect lap timings. That costs a lot more money as well. Apart from mileage, the PS4S offered superior all-around performance.

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PS5 now on and a huge improvement in road noise and comfort over the existing Falkens, not had chance to test them for grip yet


anyone after them in 235/35/19 best price I could find was ATS at £640 fully fitted for a set of 4


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The PS4 I had on my 18” spare track wheels were superb took ages to wear out and from what I’ve seen the PS5 is the latest  iteration for PS4. 

I run the PS4S on my Prets and they have been superb and long lasting. I originally had Conti 5P’s then Conti 6 and they were equally as good if a little noisier. 

Continental 7’s are rated really highly now although if and when MP5S emerged I’ll switch to them.

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