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Best pads ?

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Hi everyone. I have AP racing calipers with 390mm vagtech floating totors. I had ds2500 in there and had zero fade with some really hard driving. Recently after a few hard stops i can hear grinding on the front right rotor with less stopping power. It goes away pretty much instantly if i drive for 30 seconds.  The pads are approx 70% used I'd say.


What pad do people have experience with? I love the sharp bite that ds2500 give and they never used to give much dust. Lately they do.



My main focus is a pad that wont fade with repetitive hard use but also has a glue like bite. Noise is important as cant be dealing with squeeks. Other noises are fine. I do a lot of my hard braking in situations where the pads would be warm anyway. But of course need a good amount of bite cold but don't mind it being not as great cold if it works amazingly once warm..


I also have 356mm on the back so will be getting the same pad there also.


Thanks in advance 😎🙂

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12 hours ago, meandmyself777 said:

i have just installed j hook discs braided lines and ds2500 all round, much better than stock pads, cant compare to any others though. maybe you have a caliper sticking, or your dust shield is rubbing slightly..


This 👆. For an aftermarket pad, it works really well. 

It can be used in a daily driver or on track with my only little negative experience being that on first brake application after parking up overnight, I found that I needed to press a little harder but as soon as you start driving, the pads work really well. 

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I have hooked discs all round of factory size, along with braided lines, race fluid and DS3.1 race pads on the front and DS2500 on the rear. Performance is great on track with no fade at all, even after several laps. There's also no issues when cold, but obviously they aren't as good as when warmed up/hot.

There is one problem though, and that's squeal. I think they are getting worse too when driving on the road. Squeal tends to go away after I hammer them on track.

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