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Arteon R-Line 2020 Facelift


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OK I may be showing my age here but I've been looking at secondhand Arteon R-Line's over the last week and they seem excellent value at less than £30,000 for a 2022 model.  I don't do a lot of mileage these days and when I do the odd trip, they are often longer motorway cruises.


The Arteon reviews generally seem to like them saying they are a good premium teutonic build and a good looking car and quite rare.  Very practical being a hatchback and well equipped as standard.


Buy from a VW dealer and you get :-


2 years' unlimited mileage Warranty

2 years' Roadside Assistance

2 years’ MOT Cover

£250 deposit contribution available for vehicles up to 36 months old. (and then pay it off within 14 days if you wish)


Example one here :-


Find A Used Grey VW Arteon R-Line 2.0 TSI 190PS DSG in Norwich : Volkswagen UK


Seems to be plenty around at this age and spec at the moment.


What do others think of them ?  any downsides ? 


Size and Weight are not ideal for me but I hardly ever drive on the twisties anymore.  Keeping to basic spec also keeps under the £40,000 car tax hike too.


Arteon 1.jpg

Arteon 3.jpg

Arteon 2.jpg

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12 hours ago, JonnyG said:

What do others think of them ?  any downsides ? 

My opinion.   The car shown has a nice spec.  What more do you need.  Lots to like. I find the Arteon like many others looks much better in the real world than pictures.   Audi-like even (you decide if that’s good or not).  190ps Petrol a nice level of performance, economy.  Lots of features and equipment.  Are Arteon a bit overlooked?  If keeping longer then the All In Plan from VW is attractive £ for servicing and warranty.

Main downsides.   The size.  Too long for our garage. Just seems very big at over 4.8m for everyday usage, both length and width - parking and manoeuvring a chore,  but I think I’d adjust after a wee while.  Maybe it will have a better turning circle than an R?   I’m too used to Golf sized cars, but could use a bigger boot, haha.  Could be an aspect to try out on an extended test drive or short term loan before making a decision.
I’d want to get a good idea of anticipated depreciation for my ownership term…Im not sure...do they cling or drop like a stone. Just need an idea, and no nasty frights.

As a an overall package it has much to recommend it, and little to fault it.  It earns its place on a shortlist for potential purchase.  Could even be a bit of a sweet spot maybe?   A carefully, thoughtfully considered purchase.  And there are just so many alternatives to wade through from Merc, Audi, BMW if they are your cup of tea.


You’ve almost sold one to me @JonnyG😂

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Thanks for your considered views 👍


I'll check my garage length now !!


and yes, depreciation is something to check too as the Golf has always been pretty good at holding value.  With more and more people turning to electric and hybrid cars, the larger, heavier ICE cars may fair poorly on that front.   

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2 hours ago, JonnyG said:

larger, heavier ICE cars may fair poorly on that front.   

Good point.   Your term of ownership is important then - but the VW service & benefits will help to lower Total Costs.

If Crystal Balls were available….

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Can't speak from personal experience but from what I've read/heard they are very nice cars. They kind of fit into that good at everything but great and nothing category. I do love the front end on them but definitely prefer the brighter colours. The dark colours just make me think of old Passat's and Insignia's for some reason.


Only downside I can see is size. A bit of a barge but unless you have to do a lot of awkward parking maneuvers I wouldn't worry about it.

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I like them personally - did get very excited when I saw the shooting brake version, but tbh either would be fine for me.


They did do a 272 bhp 4 motion version - but not sure when that was discontinued.


Nice cars - and I certainly wouldn't say no to one.


Go on get the R version - you know you want to!

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Must admit I have a soft spot for the Arteon.  I think it’s a great looking car and agree with @tweaked9107 that brighter colours brings out their aesthetic best.  There’s something about them I can’t put my finger on but I just like them and I’m not much of a lover of a looong car.   The hatchback is a big plus.  Too long and not the right car for my needs but if your looking for a super comfy cruiser still with a certain level of practicality then they look a real contender if in R-line form or even better R form. 

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