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FInally!, We have Tunes coming on the MK8R and GTI and..all the others


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4 hours ago, AHG said:

Very smooth torque curve

slope rate at low/high similar to stock

no bumps or humps or “potholes”

really seems nicer than OEM curve 🙂

should be a pleasure to drive


Question is would the DSG need help

Yes think this will be awesome!. And yes doing the TCU is a good idé! .Think the DSG need to shift a bit faster and harder...like the Ed20 ;)

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That’s nice numbers for sure. Be Interesting to see if 400hp 400lbs possible with intake on a HO stage 1 tune. 

Then maybe in time 440hp 440lbs on HO stage 2 tunes with DP, IC upgrade would make a nice set up. I believe specs on turbo similar to garret one so those numbers should be about the mark in time. 

I don’t know if I’m still brave enough to void warranty any more so for me I’ll hold off few years and likely get RS3 on 3yr lease and then end of lease buy out as mine and stage 2 mods on that. 

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On 14/09/2022 at 16:18, PEHZY said:

Revo would be my go to if I decided to remap. Never had any issues with them before probably for this reason. 



agreed revo or apr would be my go to. 

that said if ‘br performance’ did the cracking of ecu themselves they would definitely let themselves have the time to get their map out first before selling the crack to other tuners

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