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FInally!, We have Tunes coming on the MK8R and GTI and..all the others


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18 hours ago, Msportman said:

This may prompt me to finally go MK8R next year. A nice low mileage Lapis or. Black 8R with PP, DCC although I’ll probably fit KW or Ohlins, FMIC, intake etc. Shame they don’t fit HK.

Harmon Kardon was an option up until June this year. Cars have it fitted and cars ordered before then with it specced are still being delivered with it. 

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I reckon a nice power upgrade ie Stage 2 and hardware, including FMIC, TCU, Coilovers and a suitable BBK capable of stopping a 440bhp MK8 will be in the region of £10k fitted.


Ill hope to see the values drop a bit further before I commit. It’s similar money to when you mod a 7/7.5 but with a newer car with a better diff.

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1 hour ago, AHG said:

It’s like paying 10k

to do a RS3 engine swap

on your beautiful VW 8R

(and without being gauche)

best of all worlds

I expect many in warranty won’t touch their car’s especially if you’ve ordered a high spec 8R close to £50k.


They are nice car stock but I suppose you could just get away with just the software, Intake ,DP ( FMIC optional but advisable if on track) and maybe a decent set of front pads.


Basic stage 2 costing approx £2600-£2800 plus labour depending on make of hardware etc. 

Pads and plugs would be extra and I expect plugs will be mandatory at stage 2.

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Exciting times for you mk8 owners. Shows how far things have progressed when my mk6 needs a bigger turbo, fuelling mods, and basically the full works to get into the low 400s, and now it can be done with just an intake, IC and a map! 

I’ll be keeping an eye on Hamza’s build. The guy loves his Dubs and he’s pretty clued up. 

Congrats to those of you preparing to step upon the slippery slope. I wonder what these will make with a hybrid… 😏


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