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FInally!, We have Tunes coming on the MK8R and GTI and..all the others


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4 hours ago, Kirk_88 said:


Tempting.. especially as I already have the R600 and inlet which they say adds another 20bhp to the tune. Does anyone know the limits of the DSG box? There’s no TCU tune although they offer a lower torque file until they drop the DSG upgrade.  I think I will wait to see what Revo offer, always used them in the past and they seem to be getting close to a release now. 

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There is a TCU tune by Racingline and two different maps available ( high and low torque). It was on latest Volkswizzard Video.


405 ps on stage 1 isn’t too shabby!


Just found out I can take my Tarox 8 Pit BBK across to the MK8 as it bolts straight on.

Tarox can also colour match and re anodise calliper if required.

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4 hours ago, mp2811 said:

Good numbers does that mean once TCU tune available then possibly higher torque. 410hp 400lbs torque stage 1 would be awesome combo. Similar to FBO stage 2 in mk7R. 

Possibly. With an intake hose/full intake you’ll probably see 420hp and 400lbs 👌🏻

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