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Modifying standard exhaust for better sound


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I’ve got a VAG SPORT Res delete that’s going onto my 2017 MK7.5 but wondered what others have done to get a better exhaust note on a standard system.


I don’t want a decat, but I’m guessing a down pipe?


anyone else run these combos?

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The only thing you can do is a sports cat if you want to stay road legal etc etc, aside from the resonator delete (which is definitely the best budget option) the reality is you’ll just end up causing a load of annoying drone.

Even with full aftermarket systems as good as the R is overall, it won’t ever sound great. 

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9 hours ago, nige bcs said:

The brand new Powervalve REV III centre delete goes a long way to improving the stock note...

...the new design allows the flaps to be coded open full time whilst still removing all the drone associated with this mod 😉



BCS Powervalve


Website says it was new in 2018 its there a new new version? 


Also, is there an option to reduce egts but without extra noise from standard? 

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I run the BCS DP with their res delete on stage 2 software and it's great exhust note for value and minimal drone at all. Theirs has the special design to prevent it. It can be a little loud when revs sitting around 3k rpm but for me that's very rare as at 100km/h revs lower than that. Not sure if on motway in UK etc what your car would sit on in 6th gear. The 7sp would be better for those conditions. 

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