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9.5j BBS CH fitment with 235/35/19


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H gents/ladies


I’ve just purchased some genuine bbs CH to save swapping tyres between track use


what I thought were 8.5 j but turns out they were 9.5j! Et45 


will These fit with 235/35/19 ps4 tyres? Running KW v2 with Superpro + 1.4 if that makes any difference 


thank you ☺️ 

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The tyres might might "fit" on the new rims, but the more important questions are what would the performance be like (9.5" is 1.5" of extra stretch), and are they legal ? 


Where I live they would not be because the new rims are more than 25mm wider than the standard rims (8").  


IIRC the design tyre width for a 9.5" rim is a 265mm (to maintain a vertical sidewall).

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On 22/11/2022 at 23:53, E8OMB said:

Mines on -2.4 deg

Quick question.


is that camber all round?


Do you think it would still catch with -1.2?


Eyeing up some 8.5 et32 BBS which poke the same as your setup according to will they fit.

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