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Fuse F9 keeps blowing


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Hi I have a golf r mk7.5 and I noticed the other day I had very little boost and checked the fuses and F9 had blown (ignition coil) I changed it the car was fine now it has done it again and will constantly blow as soon as I change the fuse. Has any one has this before if so any help would be appreciated thanks.

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Sounds like a short somewhere - often this is where the wire has chafed/worn through and is shorting out against a metal part somewhere so can be a bit tricky to locate.  Maybe isolate (disconnect both ends) each part of the circuit and do a continuity check to earth to locate it ?

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yeah, wiring or an ignitiion coil itself is causing it? If you know someone to "borrow" their coils you could try that. I can't recall having any cause blowing fuses but they do fail or fail under load causing misfires.


If you have a friend with a VW specific scan tool like VCDS or OBDeleven i'd get a full scan and see if it points to anything.

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