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Turbo inlet hose


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Recently fitted the forge one on mine. Had a few issues with fitting. Section of the pipe was too long, the bit that connects to the breather. Contacted them directly and they sent me out a new one.
Did the same mod on my Mk7 along with “snow grate” removal and a panel filter and saw good gains, so thought I’d do the same with the Mk8. One of the best mods you can do in terms of value for money in my opinion. 

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Thanks Kirk yes I went the same route with my 7.5R. Wonder if you received the LHD version at first or you were just an early adopter. I’ve used a small discount on the racingline version hopefully it has the same gains as the Forge. Just wondering whether to remove the snow grate and change to a new panel filter. I think the most gains are from the larger pipe but I guess it wouldn’t hurt

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No it was a manufacturing fault. They did say I could cut it myself but I was like no, you can send me a new one thanks. 
Gains will be the same no doubt, I just went with the cheapest. 
Removing the snow grate along with panel filter gives a little extra noise I’ve found which is always nice. As you say the power gains are made with the hose, it’s massive compared to the stock one. 

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