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High Mileage R's / Preventive Maintenance


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Hi everyone


I'm currently at 81.000 kilometers with my '16 R and I'm planning on driving on 'untill the wheels fall off'.


I was wondering if there are many high mileage Golf R's on this forum. I would like to know:


- What preventive maintenance did you do?

- If you needed to change something (not preventive), what was it?

- Any other recommendations?


What did I already do?


- Every 10k km new oil and filter

- Every 20-30k km spark plugs, interior filters and DSG oil/filter

- Got a whole new back end (diff, cardan, haldex controller and pump) under warranty since this was a known problem

- new AGM battery




- changing back and front diff fluids

- oil change


Thank you in advance!

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From what it seems you already do seems more than sufficent enough to keep it in good health, but id also say that not only is  just maintenance is key but also how you drive the car.

things like waiting for the cars oil to properly get up to operating temp (personally i like it to be in the 85c+ before i considering flooring it)

I also keep my RPMs down below 2.5k until my oil is up to my desired temp.

Using quality fuel too i guess can go a long way. (Shell V-Power or Tesco Momentum..... im not going to say which is better dont want WW3 on here😆)


Honeslty im not sure there is much else, changing oils and filters and other key engine components regularly does no harm I guess, just a costly thing to do. 




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My 2016 My is at 70k mile. 110k kms.


The engine fluid routine sounds fine. I like to change internal cabin filter annualy. Conversely, I use the platinum plugs and try to get 40k miles even 50k out of them.


Edit. The front diff is part of dsg fluid bath,  I think there is transfer case oil though... 


There's a few other things I would say you are likely to carry out sometime soon, or choose preventative.. 


The variable camshaft timing magnets seem to fail quite often after 50k miles.


I'd factor in a new fine oil separator after 5yrs to try and keep running well and preventitively for rear main seal.


Them you've got all the chassis components, bushes, linkeages  top mounts that depend a bit on your roads and driving conditions. But 50kiles / 5 yrs often will require some maintenence. Drop links / top mounts certainly common...


Most other stuff I suppose based on inspection and what raises its head.. oh, I like to replace flexible brake lines around 6 years, they're usually perishing by then. Also  replace coolant exp tanks as that had a micro crack and was leaking pressure...

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