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hi i have a GOLF R MK7.5 OPF and recently i have put from RACINGLINE software for stage 1 on ecu and the tcu in conjuction with intake from racingline r600 and intercooler from wagner... but the dealer he didn't dyno to see the before and after numbers. After the installation i took the car and it seemed very strong.... beyond the numbers from racingline. So i decided to put the car on a dyno to see what power has and to do a logging.The results is 405ps on flywheel and 55nm of torque 🥸 from stage 1 calibration on opf car..... and the man who has the dyno (and alongside it's tuner) told me what he saw on logging the car runs lean until revlimit on 1,7 bar with 0,85 lamda (12,5 afr) and only the cars with methanol, runs so lean... and the calibration is too much aggresive and is not safe for the engine. Anyone has the same results from racingline calibration? because it's supposed to be safe for stage 1 and generic calibration...


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6 hours ago, Bingodalton said:

How you mean it runs lean?
Mine is going 0.82-0.83 lambda to redline. So a little bit above 12.0-12.2 :1
I think it is 0.826...

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Mine has from midrange 0.845 lambda to 7100rpm 0.850 lambda and you can see from dyno the power from 6400 to 7100 drops down too much because the lean mixture and lean mixture at this point will cause high cylinder temperatures and melted piston and on the other side the numbers of power, torque and pressure of the turbo is for stage 2 car with upgrated downpipe and mine has only intake and intercooler so it has too much back pressure from the exhaust

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