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Almost an R - Allspace EA888.4 Stage 1


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Just introducing myself, and I know it's not a proper R but bear with me....


Last month I had a day out to Milton Keynes, courtesy of Awesome GTI and Racingline to take part in a Beta test for the EA888 Gen4 245PS engine on my Allspace.
I found out about the Beta test through Awesome GTI's Youtube channel so reached out to Tabby who put me in touch with Ben, at Racingline.
The EA888 gen 4 in 245PS guise is used in the Golf GTi, Octavia & Kodiaq vRS, Tarraco FR yada yada yada, but the team at Racingline seemed particularly keen on my offer to Beta Test the Allspace.
Raclingline aren't a 'Retail' concern, their business to business model (including corporate events) means that the Milton Keynes facility is basically a warehouse of 'stuff' and tucked away at the back is a Dyno for Ben to 'play' with.
I handed over the keys at 11 am and using a loan Golf took the missus shopping to Centre:MK.
3 hours later I got a call to say all was done, which was handy 'cos so was my wallet 
When we got back to HQ, Ben asked me to take it for a spin and give it some beans to let him know my thoughts and then talk through the numbers.
Immediately the the pick up was amazing, better in fact than a 450HP Mk7 Golf R I've driven previously. Amazing amounts of torque. Not forgetting that this is a Mega Bus and not a little sports car, chucking it into bends wasn't the main aim. But overtaking and powerful luxury motoring are the name of the game here. I felt as excited on this drive as I was when I first collected it back in June from JCB Medway having come from a 2.0 TDI 150 Tig.
Back (again) at HQ to look at the numbers.

  PS BHP KW NM lbs/ft
VW stats 245 241 180 370 273
Stock Dyno 258 255 190 400 295
Stage 1 Dyno 339 335 250 506 373

Of course the figures above don't tell the whole story without the graph


Suffice to say I was amazed at the figures. Ben was really pleased too and his lead engineer even came in to check it out on his day off.

And I mentioned in another thread about the DSG. This car comes with a DQ381-7A , not the usual DQ500
Looking about the Tinterweb 600Nm is the max for this box, so no worries there.

I can thoroughly recommend Racingline though. A brilliant bunch of super enthusiastic chaps.

I'll be keeping in touch with Ben as they were interested in trying some other Stage 2 mods in the future, which I again offered my car for 
That and obviously feedback on continued drivability etc.


Racingline have now formally released the Stage 1 Tune to it's supplier network.

For anyone interested there's much more detail here


racingline I 2.0 TSI EA888.4 OEM+ TUNING SOFTWARE

Racingline's new OEM+ Performance Tuning Software for Golf Mk8 GTI, Octavia vRS IV, Cupra Leon 245, Cupra Formentor 245 & others with 2.0 TSI EA888.4 Gen 4 (Garrett turbo).
www.racingline.com www.racingline.com

P.S. anyone with an R who wants to go even Madder! - Stage 1 with this combo gives 405PS & 520Nm


racingline I EA888.4 OEM+ TUNING SOFTWARE

Racingline's new OEM+ Performance Tuning Software for Golf Mk8 R & GTI Clubsport, Audi S3 8y, Cupra Leon 300, Cupra Formentor 310 with 2.0 TSI EA888.4 Gen 4 (Continental turbo).
www.racingline.com www.racingline.com

Note this is specifically for the EA888.4, though they do have tunes for all other 2.0 motors (inc Diesel)

No, I don't work for them, but as they've been so good to me i thought i'd return the favour.



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