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MK3 R36 Build Thread


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I am building a Mk3 R36. I will log the journey here.


Feel free to add queries etc..... I am anticipating an interesting journey.


Original Car:

-1995 Mk3 GTi 2.0 8v



-I don't want a "show car" neither do I want a "track car"

-I want to build an overall amazing car package with loads of power (enough to kill most things) a subtle exterior (keeping the overall GTi aestheti), and plush interior (nice seats and sound system but no max power stuff)

-Slightly OEM+ inspired


As said elsewhere, I am glad to be back in the VW tuning scene and look forward to the coming years.


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Very early photo of the Golf, when I bought the car, the prev owner put it on Coilovers as they were cheaper than replacing the VW suspension with OEM parts. 


Worth mentioning, this golf came with a lever arch folder with all paperwork since new, INCLUDING the original VW purchase receipt and delivery ticket, pretty special! 


The first thing I did when it came to me was crank the coilovers down, (previous owner had it running at standard ride height) I also  treated the car to a full poly bush kit in its first few months. 


The photo attached was the first show ever me an my dad made it in both our cars, despite both being life long car nuts, his Bristol had been off the road for about 10 years. She's back now and I hope to attend some shows together again this year. 


The colours compliment each other well if I do say so myself. 


Golfs bad bits:

-Sills chewed by a Wookie 

-Front grill painted with rattle cans, in the dark, while its raining, during a sand storm, hen flattened back with a brick 


Both items I plan to address sooner rather than later. 



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I then treated the Golf to a set of Compomotive Motorsport TH Alloys, fitment was spot on, more luck than anything. 


I painted the front grill satin black (I don't really like it) however, a slightly chavvy satin black grill was in my eyes, better than a seriously ropey blue grill with paint flaking off and blisters, scuffs (you name it, just generally terrible). 


I have taken it down another 15/20mm since these photos, I also have a VR6 front splitter I am yet to fit. 


I must add, the service I received from Compomotive Motorsport was second to none. A really pleasant experience, a breath of fresh are for customer service. 




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In my previous money pit, the supercharged VR6 meth'd Corrado, I found myself a pair of "old evo 2 seats" aka Recaro Speeds. Since then, they have been my favourite seat of all time. 


I watched the internet for a very long time, and finally, in the pre-christmas "everyone sells everything" rush, I found a set of Recaro Speed SR3 Topguns, RARE AS ROCKING HORSE DODO. 


Somehow, I got 2no mint condition Jap Imported SR3 Topguns, WITH genuine Recaro Runners, for £1000...... Considering they are 2.5/3k a seat new, I was VERY pleased. Goes to show, if you are patient, and know the market/ what to look for, you can still snap a bargain on ebay. 


Tried out by my Girlracer in the making.... she approves! 







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Then to the current day,


Me and my Tuner OBD-Works (the best in the game IMO) originally wanted to R32 the Mk3, HOWEVER, I want at least 300bhp, he made the valid point; if you get a stock R32, you will need to chuck thousands into it to get it over 300bhp N/A. An R36 lump is 300bhp stock, a decent breathing system and zorst/manifold, maybe even a high lift cam set up (if they exist, tbc) and you'll have a 300bhp+ monster for less/neutral sum than an R32 conversion. 


Upon allot of thought, and dealing with many a Tommy Tanker trying to buy an engine on a pallet, we decided it best we buy a whole car, steal its heart, then break it for pats to reclaim some funds. 


James @ OBD-Works, made me aware, they made a Passat CC 3.6 v6, that has the same 3.6 VR6 FSI engine as the R36 Passat. This was news to me! (I have since found out they also did the Skoda Superb with this engine, WHAT A SLEEPER) 


So, once again, I scanned the web high and low, and found myself a very tidy Jap import Passat CC 3.6 V6. Following a viewing and a test drive, I bought it, and am currently anticipating delivery this week. 


It feels so counter-intuitive, the car itself is mint, and crazy spec (rear heated seats and blinds... LOL) feels mental buying a car that good to take it to bits, however, logic and building an R36 Mk3 don't really go hand in hand. 


Look forward to getting it and getting this all underway. Really excited, when I test drove the CC, the speed really shocked me, the thought of that engine in a Mk3 kept making me laugh out loud... it is going to be interesting. 


Updates to follow. 



I appreciate no one may care, however, for selfish reasons, I love having a journal of my cars progress, especially if it is going through an interesting transition.


The Corrado Build is below, for anyone who is bored and fancies watching the documented mental break down of a VW enthusiast. 


C7 VDB - Regret - Page 22 - Members Gallery - The Corrado Forum (the-corrado.net)

WhatsApp Image 2023-01-09 at 13.35.33.jpg

WhatsApp Image 2023-01-09 at 13.35.331.jpg

WhatsApp Image 2023-01-09 at 13.35.333.jpg

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Any updates on this build? I have had 4 x mk3 Golf's. Possibly my favourite shape of Golf to be honest. My last mk3 was a mint 3 door red vr6 with th mono wheels and cloth recaro seats. I sold it way too cheap back then as the market for them wasn't great. Looking forward to seeing more of this build for sure.

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I love people like this, a lot of work put in and above all willingness. It's a pity that the end result could not be known, although maybe the author will surprise us again one day.  It's a bit of a pity about that Passat CC 3.6 V6, but I would have loved to know if the deal was indeed fully successful. 
Oh it's happening 🫡 slowly but surely. Just took some time the gather momentum! 205ec844709ffd53458f11d0645690bc.jpg

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