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Launch control issues

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Ever since my 7.5r started getting more power the launch control has been seriously iffy, even with the jb4 , and seems to be getting worse as ive gone up the stages, it now seems to cut all power or completely bog down between shifts, just wondering if anyone else has had this issue, car was fine in stock guise, going in a week to have it looked at 

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If by started getting more power you mean that you have tuned it, hopefully you’ve tuned the gearbox too whilst it’s not essential if you want to maximise the additional power it’s always recommended. 

I’m always surprised when people are shocked things don’t work 100% as they should when they are shoving loads more power through the drivetrain. 

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11 hours ago, gregozedobe said:

Are you getting lots of wheelspin or turning while using LC ?  Either seem to confuse the various ECUs involved in a LC.

As it turns out its because I've been launching in auto race mode, when it's in manual mode its fine, and yes gearbox has been tuned because its hybrid turbo, first try locked in manual mode in the wet with full tank and going up hill slightly I did a verified 0-100kph of 3.6 just annoyed with myself for not realising this for 6 months 🥴

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