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Golf mk 8.5 news


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On 17/11/2023 at 11:20, Booth11 said:

The feedback from those who have used Motorway always is very good so definitely in the running fir when the time comes to move mine on.


Congratulations on getting your R20! 🥳  But that’s so frustrating that it’s already GT to go into have a fix done.  Hopefully get it sorted and then enjoy the car.  

What’s your first impressions, aside from the error light?  

At least with Motorway it’s the dealer bidding on the car. WBAC are buying it low and hoping to shift at auction to the trade, so two sets of profit needed on the deal (WBAC and then the dealer’s)

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On 17/11/2023 at 11:36, Davey-c said:

I can’t comment on Carwow but my dealings with Motorway were excellent and an extremely easy process. Hopefully you get a good deal for your car when the time comes.👍🏻 what you fancy for your next car, 8.5 or something different?

Not sure i am 60 and have retired for the second time so i will probably be spending more time travelling and i like my European road trips with having friends in France and Southern Spain so it will be something boring like a Toyota Corolla Hybrid.

I have enjoyed my Golf R but as i have said previously it's a bit boring in driving experience compared to some other hot hatches i have owned.

I have driven the Mk8 which is more sportier and looks great with the Performance pack but the gremlins would be a big no no for me.

Although a different all round car if i was going to buy another hot hatch it would be a BMW 135i as the interior is another level up from the Golf and everything works as it should.

No decisions as yet but will have to decide Feb/March next year.

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33 minutes ago, Dogman12 said:

what do you mean by boring?

Like most German cars it dosen't give you seat of the pants driving/goose bumps when going quick...it's quick or it was until electric cars came along but it feels like a 17 year old who's just past his test could drive it quickly and not get in to any trouble...that's not a bad thing but it's just lacking in fun when hooning it.


If you want something that is quick and fun then for me the Hyundai i30n or Toyota Yaris GR are fun even the Ford Fiesta ST along with many others but to me the Golf dosen't give me goose bumps even when driving it fast.


Sometimes cars with less power/grip are just more fun to drive.


However when i am pottering along the roads in my Toyota Corolla i am sure i will miss my Golf R but not as much as i thought i would.

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3 hours ago, Dogman12 said:

what do you mean by boring?

Competent and doesn’t get you into trouble...


Same as when I was into fast bikes. A few years back (2008) I had the new Honda Fireblade.

Easy to ride fast and unless you were seriously bad no issues

Problem was as it was too good all the ‘riding gods’ hated it and preferred GSXRs or Ninjas, as you needed to be scared.

Even the bike press said it was boring, despite it winning all of the comparison tests at the time, acceleration, handling, braking etc. 

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2 hours ago, Geeza said:

And many others, but unless you are Sebastian Loeb, I am not sure you will notice. Most people will notice the superior interior with buttons!

I beg to differ, I came from a nearly identical S3 8V (EA888 engine, DQ381 gearbox, AWD) and I feel the difference tremendously.

Even doing 20mph in a roundabout you can feel it tightening instead of understeer. I drive it daily and enjoy the Magna every day, without being Sebastian Loeb (and maybe because I’m not) on every stretch of road that allows some “leg spreading”. It solves the biggest downside of this platform - understeer while under throttle.


I get your point about the Audi interior.

loved the S3 8V it was classy and comfy.


Made my choice, you should make yours 🙂

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5 hours ago, Geeza said:



5 hours ago, Booth11 said:

Magna is the 8R’s torque vectoring 4WD system. 

That is accurate, but lacks the emotion.


It what makes your car do things that Golfs were never before able to do, and many think they shouldn’t be able to do.

Like the other day when I did a cute little powered oversteer going into a corner intentionally “too hot” (lots of gas, cold tyres) but was able to control it very well like I am some drift hero (and I’m very much not).


In a RWD I’d probably thrash it, with a regular AWD I’d just understeer.

Like the sun to Superman, Magna makes you better than you deserve.


It is what makes the 8R unique it its entire category, and the main reason I switched to it from a S3.

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