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Engine Mod friendly insurers


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Me and my wife have been trying hard to sort out insurance for the Golf,  Im currently insured with Elephant and last year i paid £853 for my Golf R with Mods and my wifes Ibiza, 

My renewal was due and the thieving buggers upped the premium to £1497 so i pushed for a better quote and it went down to £1337, still garbage. 


Mods to the golf are stage 1, Unicorn Remap, TT intake pipe and the optional manufacturer spielberg alloys which i have to declare.


Myself - 43 yr old, full no claims, no points, i struggle as to why insurance has increased so much.


So as the norm we shopped around, and these was the results, i will mark which if for golf alone or both cars.


Admiral £1344 for both and house insurance. - £890 for the Golf alone

Aviva and Axa - Won't insure me due to mods

LV £1034 for both cars -£704 for the golf alone


And we ran out of time due to commitments for the day, Can anyone suggest as above more mod friendly insurers also any insurers that recognise the ghost immobiliser, as i have mentioned it and half the time they are like whats that? 🙄 and then they don't do anything to the overall cost. 


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