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What Version of VCDS do you use?


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@markiii: Hi


First, my apology if I'm mistaken - but whenever I see the mention of "v12" when referenced to VCDS software , I immediately think pirate/clone device.


There are 2 x reasons for my conclusion:

  • there are lots, and lots, and lots of clone VCDS devices for sale on the net with this outdated software
  • These clone VCDS devices do NOT allow the software to be updated to the current release software that Ross-Tech provides for free (for their genuine products, of course)

So if this is a clone/pirate device - I suggest that your seriously consider that IP theft is as much an issue for the buyer as it is for the seller.  Fact is that the market for these illegal (and immoral) products wouldn't be possible without buyers that are willing to participate in IP theft!!


OK - moral aspect over!! The short technical answer to your question is: most probably, yes - because you refer to "mk7", which uses modules based on the older version of OBD-II  protocol! If you had said "mk7.5", then some later model cars would likely have modules with the newer version OBD-II.


But- even if your car does use the newer version protocol, VCDS still provides some useful information, Where a conflict arises between OBD-II Standards, VCDS delivers the following message:

  •  [New feature! Extended UDS fault detail is only supported by current gen. interfaces]





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