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New member from NE England


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I have just recently became the owner of a MK7 R 64 plate manual in Lapiz Blue on only 39k

I bought this to replace my old oil burner MK5 1.9PD TDI 04 plate on 193k


I was on the hunt for a few months and torn between an R and a GTI PP

To say I am happy with the R is an undersatement🙃


I have had a Ghost installed and use a Disklok overnight for peace of mind

I dont have many other plans for the car, I like a standard look and sound but I might invest in a Helix kit sometime soon.


I will get a picture up when I clean it again.



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Hi there.  Good to hear you’ve found the sweet spot that os the R.   Tons to like and enjoy with them.  Loads of stuff on here to help you with servicing, maintenance, mods etc.   Get a advice on just about anything R related.  
Hope you enjoy it !

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