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2019 MK 7.5 Golf R Number and Location of Camshaft Sensors

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Hello all, I've searched the net and including VW forums and can't confirm the number and location of cam sensors on my engine. Can anyone tell me if there are 2 or just 1 sensor?  I've been getting cam sensor fault codes showing up on my Golf R recently and I'm trying to figure out what I'll need to buy for parts and how difficult the job will be if I end up replacing it/them.  Thanks for any help on this.




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What are the faults exactly? Not to do with timing advance or retard set points? That would be the adjusters on ends of camshafts if that were the issue... 


Sensors, well I know there is one beside coil pack 4. Back right with plastic engine cover off. That would be on exhaust cam. But I'm scratching my head if there's another on the intake cam. I'd have to have a look around.. edit. There must be one on the intake cam as well. Otherwise what is measuring the amount of timing advance on each camshaft from the adjusters for variable timing. 


Try disconnecting the one besides no. 4 coil pack. It should error open cct and it will tell you which one, I.e. if its the one you've got faults on... bank a or bank b sensor 1 or 2 or whatever I'd they're using.. 

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As suspected I believe there will be two. One is besides no. 4 coil pack - exhaust cam sensor. The second, intake cam sensor, is more or less in line, but around front of engine, underneath the lifting hook on the right, access a lot more difficult.


You can't see it in the photo I attach but I have circled location of where both are. You can see the exhaust one in the photo. I could not validate part number on the intake one, due to access, but it certainly looks like it is a hall sensor.

Camshaft Sensors circled.jpg

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