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Replacement Locking Wheel Nut


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Hi there,


I have a punctured tyre and have stupidly lost the locking wheel nut to my Mk7 Golf R and hence can't even get the space saver on to then get to a tyre garage! VW want me to buy a new locking set for £98 plus £75 labour plus VAT even though I have explained I can't get the car to them!


Could anybody recommend the best place for me to buy a replacement locking wheel nut by chance? 


Thank you very much in advance for any help that can be provided 🙂



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I was advised to replaced the locking nut key recently as my original key was showing signs of wear. I made a trip to the local TPS to be told that even though I have the code for the correct key, I can only order a complete set of locking bolts with the key (apparently they would supply just the lock previously but the option to do this is no longer there).


I decided to replace the locks with standard bolts. If anyone wants to nick my wheels, they will manage it one way or another anyway and besides, I don't think (or hope) that there is a big demand for 18 Cadiz alloys. 


Sorry - I know it's not much help but I thought I would share my experience with you all. I hope you can find a garage that can get your locks off without inflicting any damage to the alloys in the process. 

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Yeah. Been there as well. In my case, it was much the same experience as @Imteyaz.  Mine was damaged by rattle guns rounding the edges of the key. And I couldn't get the wheel off.


yes, vw will only sell you a complete set. I used a standard bolt for a while as well. 


I did buy a replacement set of ebay from an auto recycler with 4 bolts and key for about £30. Risky though as you don't know what condition the set was in. If the key looked damaged I would of sent back. 


To get old one off, i went to a local vw specialist repair garage. I had the damage key,  they matched it up to their collection which they said was not complete but had a lot of the common use keys.


I gave them some beers for loosening the wheel bolt. 


The other possible options, is on ebay there are sellers who say they will provide the key for about £20 if you send a photo of your lock bolts.  I've not used them but they were on there a few years ago and still there. Check feedback. 






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If you use a non VW locking wheel bolt make sure that it has a conical taper seat - not the more usual straight taper. I know that it will only be 1 bolt out of 5 but it wouldn't the wheel at this point correctly. 

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