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Larson Kremer

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What´s up guys.

Yesterday I start to do a VAGCODING on my VW GOLF MK7, but after some tweaks I notice when I turn the indicator left there´s three parts of the indicators blinks, when I turn Right only the off side Blinks.

Probably I did something wrong xD
May U guys help me?

Sorry for my bad English
I´m from Brazil and still learning

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Larson: Hi.


Because you have posted on the VCDS part of the forum, I assume that you are using a Ross-Tech product..


If you are not aware, VCDS retains a record of ALL coding changes that you make with the device, This change-history database is held on the laptop that you use to run the VCDS software. The records contain a date/time stamp and the details of the "old" and "new" values that were changed, So, when stuff goes wrong - reverting coding changes to the original value can often help in fixing the problem.


To access the VCDS history log, do this:

  1. Fire-up the laptop that you use to run VCDS software (no need to run VCDS, or to connect the dongle to the car)
  2. Navigate to the sub-directory C:\Ross-Tech\VCDS\Debug

In this sub-directory there are the following files:

  • Readme.TXT - ignore the contents of this file (its just plain wrong!!!)
  • AdpLog.CSV - this file records changes made to adaptation channels
  • CodingLog.CSV - this file records changes made to long-code
  • SRILog.TXT - this file records changes made to the Service Reset Interval channels (routine maintenance)

I suggest that you open the AdpLog.CSV file above and pay particular attention to any records that relate to the term "Leuchte". Revert these adaptation channels to the "adapted from" value (which is the original value before the change was made)






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Thank you @dv52. I was checking all my steps until I note the error, verifying the original values that usually in German (I do not speak xD) and was a simply error of language.  
I had linked the left side outside led with the right led of the trunk.
"links und rechts" 

because the word "links" does not look like to me a left side of something.



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