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Macan GTS


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Went to have a good look at a Macan GTS yesterday which included a 50 mile unaccompanied test drive, which is how it should be.  Interestingly, they have 2 x spec configurable build slots for September, which would be October delivery, so c4 months.   They have 3 slots for October delivery too.    As there’s no way I would have the patience to wait 6+ months for a daily and nearly new prices are at or above list, that makes it really interesting.  


The one I drove had the GTS Sport package which bundles a load of extras including one you can’t add individually, P Zero Corsa tyres!   The OTR price of this one was £97k….blimey.

I’m not a fan of performance SUVs in general and my wife doesn’t like SUVs at all…but the Macan is the only car she’s really interested in at the moment.  Slightly raised driving position aside, the reviews that says it doesn’t drive like an SUV are spot on, what great car to drive.   In comfort it has a surprisingly good ride bearing in mind its running sports air suspension and aggressive tyres and even Sport Plus is fine on a typical B Road.  In Sport/Spot Plus it really does feel like a sports car and it sounds great, although slightly too many pops/bangs for me in Sport Plus.  The steering / feel / handling is excellent, I had fairly high expectations, but it easily exceeded them.

The only downside (aside from the price) is that it feels like it’s a generation behind inside, but with full leather and the GT wheel from the 911 it does feel like a high quality thing.


Not the colour we would choose!





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8 hours ago, speedjunkie said:

Brilliant car but as you say not cheap. New Macan with updated interior that Cayenne has just got is out in 2024.

The electric one or do you think they will facelift the petrol again, as I believe they will continue to sell that for a while?

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