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Bring on the redneck jokes…..😆


I know there’s not much appetite for pickup trucks on this forum 😄 but a new car day (yesterday) is a new car day! 🥳

The new Amarok beasty has arrived!   It’s my other half’s workhorse truck for both work and family duties.  He nabbed a dealer allocated factory order a few weeks back (‘73 plate) and 6 weeks later it’s here, with some nice optional extras such as leather, Harman Kardon, 20” wheels and a few other extra bits.  


A session showing him how all the new tech works is booked for this weekend!  😂



















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2 hours ago, Martin2 said:

That looks quite smart.  Is it Ford based, it looks like their central screen?


It made me think of tarmac drives on the cheap rather than banjos!

Yes it’s the new version borne from the partnership between VW and Ford with much of it it being based on the Ranger, but still feels like a VW overall.    Does feel different inside to the previous but not in a negative way.  The inside of the front of the cabin feels more compact (on the old version there was a lot of unused space) whereas the rear of it feels roomier than the previous.  Seats are much better and big central vertical screen is pretty good to use.  Nice combo of physical buttons and the touchscreen.  


Some nice features as standard - 360 camera is fantastic with area view of the vehicle too showing bird eye view - heated front windscreen (but sadly no heated steering wheel) and park assist (that’ll never get used). There are more 2 & 4WD (height and low traction) options on this new model over previous, and more Drive modes but they’ve removed DSG Sport which is a real shame but can still be in manual. 

Optional leather interior (heated seats) with electronic adjustment on both driver’s and passenger side but bizarrely no seat memory function?!  Harman Kardon sound system option, plus optional 20” wheels (standards are 17”).  

Best get out and start tarmacing some driveways!  

Jokes and stereotyping aside, it’s a good ‘ute’. 

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12 hours ago, Pinky1959 said:

It looks very nice .

I shouldn't ask but does your other half (via you )intend to look after it eg polishing etc to keep it looking great ?

Thanks Pinky


I’m more than happy to look after it and will be encouraging my other half to let me do that, but he simply doesn’t have the same approach to cars that I do, so there’s no guarantee that he won’t just get it washed elsewhere if the need arises.  

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