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2017 Golf R mk7 misfire cylinder 1


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20 hours ago, JDvanb said:

So I did a compression test myself cause mechanics suck and my actual readings are 160 psi on all cylinders except the first Which is like 135psi so there's an issue but not as bad as the mechanics made it sound idk if they lied or their compression gauge is way off but glad I did it myself 

Most guages do read differently. You're still looking at 25psi differential to cylinder 1. Is it the cause of the misfire though?... it's not out of spec but it is the problem cylinder...co-incidence only or root cause?

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@fastandyso I've just had another compression test and leak down done and my mechanic believes it's not the cause everything was within spec but now we believe it's my fuel pressure I've made a new topic not sure if you're able to see it but it explains the new findings. I'm still figuring out this site lol 

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@Maprunner so like my post says I've done pretty much everything but my lpfp so I'm leaning towards that since it's gotten a bit worse since the hpfp replacement it's the only thing that makes sense but mine being first cylinder means it's the last cylinder to get fuel. What all have you done to yours to resolve the issue ? 

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So before i took my car to ecotune, i replaced coil packs 1 and 4, i replaced all 4 spark plugs, and also repoaced the cam magnets. 

ecotune have subsequently replaced the cam magnet valves (which apparently have to be done at the same time as the magnets- been told thats not neccessarily true however they’ve said that they’re now “in sync” so i can only assume i had bad valves anyway), they’ve removed the injectors and tested them all and all are fine, also cleaned them anyway while they were out. They have also removed the fuel from the tank thinking it may be contaminated fuel, but the issue remains with new fresh fuel. They also said they checked the pressure from the lpfp and hpfp (if i remember what they said correctly) and the pressure is fine. They mentioned checking the turbo today as they reckon it may have been that (although i did question why that would only cause a misfire on 1 and 4 and they were going to speak to the technician to find out why).

I dont know what else has been today, or if a compression test or leak down test has been done on the cylinders - the last i heard from them today was that they’re still trying to suss it out. It’s a difficult one but i have faith in them getting to the bottom of it - they know their stuff and was highly recommended by a few companies down south that they were the place to go.


It’s just an absolute nightmare because it came out of nothing and there was very little in the way of codes to tell us what the issue could be…..and i’ve had so many sleepless nights about it worrying about the potential cost 😭

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@Maprunner I feel you ya it's been insane for me financially lol so when are the misfires ? Mine is only at idle and really bad after warm starts at idle anything off idle the misfires are gone. It definitely sounds like a different issue then mine but what id suggest before spending more money is both a compression test and leak down. Again like I said my misfires are gone when off idle so that tells me it's not the engine it's self. But those tests will tell you alot 

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Yeah i cant drive the car the misfire’s are that bad. Although i’m not sure if they’ve managed to get it any better since they’ve had the car. Yeah will have a chat to them tomorrow to see whats what as i’m not sure whats been done today. 

cheers and good luck with your issue!

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