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I would NOT recommend Adrian Flux for your car insurance


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A robust assertion such as the one mentioned necessitates elaboration. Kindly find the following section for a comprehensive explanation.

I have had the privilege of being a policyholder with Adrian Flux for the past five years. My initial interaction with this insurance provider began when I possessed a highly customized VW Golf MK4 R32. The modifications were extensive, ranging from simple enhancements such as splitters and suspension adjustments to a comprehensive audio system installation, with a staggering agreed-upon value exceeding £10,000 in the event of a total loss. During this period, my fully comprehensive insurance policy consistently cost between £380 and £430, with variations influenced by the fluctuations in their quotation system during policy renewals.

Subsequently, I parted ways with the R32 and transitioned to a more costly but less modified MK7 GTD, featuring only an audio modification. Over the course of two years, the insurance premiums for this vehicle ranged from approximately £390 to £450 annually, and notably, no agreed-upon valuation was assigned to this vehicle.

This year, I decided to sell my GTD and acquire a more exhilarating option, a MK6 Edition 35. As I had recently renewed my insurance policy, I contacted Adrian Flux to update my vehicle details and informed them that the audio modification from my MK7 GTD would be transferred to the MK6. Besides these adjustments, no other changes were anticipated. To my astonishment, rather than incurring a nominal administrative fee, I was presented with an additional charge of £786 on top of the approximately £400 premium I was already paying, totaling over £1,100 to insure my MK6 GTI. It is important to note that I am 39 years old with a no-claims bonus spanning 14 years.

Regrettably, Adrian Flux displayed a lack of empathy and understanding in response to my predicament. Despite escalating the matter, higher-ranking members of the management team exhibited a disinterest in addressing or comprehending my situation.

Consequently, my sole recourse was to settle the fees for canceling my existing policy and secure coverage with an alternative insurer, which is precisely what I did. I paid an £86 cancellation fee and subsequently subscribed to a new provider offering comprehensive coverage, with the audio modification declared and an additional 3,000 miles allowed annually compared to my prior policy. Furthermore, my new policy encompasses additional features. Remarkably, the entire cost of this new policy amounted to just £388.

Nevertheless, my ordeal with Adrian Flux did not conclude at that juncture. Subsequent to my cancellation, and despite multiple inquiries on my part, they initially issued me a no-claims discount certificate reflecting only nine years of no-claims, a discrepancy from my actual 14 years of claim-free driving. It was necessary for me to persistently follow up with them for the rectification of this error.

The sequence of issues persisted. After settling the cancellation fee and the subsequent month, I received an email from Adrian Flux at 6 p.m., asserting that my insurance Direct Debit had failed due to a message they had sent to my "My Adrian Flux" inbox on their website. Naturally, given my decision to terminate my relationship with them, I had no intention of monitoring this inbox. As a consequence of the failed Direct Debit, they proceeded to charge my card on file. This incident prompted a disconcerting telephone conversation, and the chargeback was expeditiously initiated and refunded.

I am now closely monitoring my financial accounts to ensure that my card is not charged once more. Should any unauthorized charges recur, I am prepared to engage my bank's fraud protection measures.

It is worth noting that should anyone be compelled to make an insurance claim with this particular company, my experiences strongly suggest that a substantial level of concern is warranted. This has led to the R32 owners club severing its partnership with Adrian Flux in light of this specific incident.

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