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Need a replacement wing mirror cap


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Had a wing mirror collision last night on a dark narrow country road and as a result I am currently missing the drivers side wing mirror cap.  Went back round to look last night to try find it but too difficult on a dark fairly busy road.  Thankfully the wing mirror body and glass are all intact, just a slight crack in the indicator glass/plastic which is not too noticeable.  Going to go back during daylight today to see if I can find it, but suspect its smashed in bits having been run over a few times, or is just too scratched and marked to put back on.


So - to get a replacement of a silver wing mirror cap what are my best options?  Had a brief look on eBay and someone is selling a pair of them for £120.


Thanks all.


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Have a look on Aliexpress, you can get a pair of Matt silver mirror caps for around £25-£30 shipped.

I bought a set of black ones from there for my last car & they were as good as the oem white ones that were being replaced .

More recently I also bought these gloss glass surrounds from there, I think they were about £20 shipped & look so much better than the matt textured oem ones 👍


mirror 1.jpg

mirror 2 .jpg

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