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Window stickers

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47 minutes ago, Parky-RPP said:

Are there any plans to restock the group window stickers? 

Possibly.  We are going to be looking at a forum design refresh in the new year and I will be posting a message up about it over Christmas so at that time, I’ll probably do a little survey to gauge interest on window stickers.  😊

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26 minutes ago, Phoenix said:

Thanks Rebecca, please keep me in mind if they become available emoji3.pngemoji106.pngemoji108.png

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Will do Grant.  

I’ve moved your post into this Window Sticker thread (in forum FAQ/Help section) so we can keep a running list of those interested. 👍

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When i had my R wagon i was sent a NIP for a speeding offence around Manchester. I live in Essex and its years since I've been that far north!


Turns out my reg had been cloned.  The police asked for pictures of my car to compare with their speed trap images.


I had a dash cam and a sticker in the front window which made it clear that it wasn't my car in their pictures.


They said its a good idea to have some sort of unique identifier for this and recommended a sticker of some sort in the front and rear windows.


A nice newly designed VWROC sticker would be great for this!


I'll have 2 when they are ready. 

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Thanks all.


Seems to be quite a few interested in window stickers so I will feed this back to the VWROC powers that be!  

Our forum refresh is still on the cards but delayed from Christmas but hopefully in not too distant future.  

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