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2016 Golf GTD DRL issue, any help would be much appreciated


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Hello Guys, 
Looking for some advice please, it’s very frustrating. 
So my original head light drivers side was damaged and water got into the unit, I bought a new unit and used ballasts, everything works apart from DRL light, so I have even tried the ballast out of my working headlight and it still doesn’t work. Tried putting working headlight on defective side and that works fine. 
So can anyone tell me if the headlight is faulty or it needs coding please or even is there a secret bulb for the DRL as the headlight didn’t come with any bulbs at all. 

Thanking you in advance 😀

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Robert: Hi.


There is a remarkably consistent dynamic when questions like yours are asked on forums like this! Meaning that these type of forum posts ALWAYS start with information exchange!


Nothing surprising about this first part of the way that these posts proceed - because a necessary part of remote diagnostics is getting the forum to understand a situation where OP has ALL of the local knowledge about the car!


So - lets start by redressing the information asymmetry about this car between the forum and you!!


There are lots and lots of different options possible for the headlight fittings on a MY16 TDI. Fundamentally, these options are separated into Halogen/incandescent, or HID/LED categories and within these broad types, there are many sub-categories. Because you mention swapping "the ballast", I assume that this car has the latter type headlight assemblies


And to complicate stuff further, each of the options in my previous sentence can be different depending on the country that the car was sold!


Hopefully, you can see the problem in advancing your question via a forum like this!


Please provide more information about the specific headlights on this car - maybe even include the part numbers stamped on both the old and new headlight fitting on the driver-side. And what country is this? If the car has a PR code sticker(see below), the numbers starting with "8".


And finally, there are actually 2 x DRL aspects to this problem - I think. This car has a DRL function and it has DRL lamps - the two are very different and they are often confabulated  (no offense intended). Please provide more words about both aspects of the problem on this car. For example, do the DRL lamps work for non- DRL light functions - like Parking-Light, DRL-wink, or Single-Side-Parking-Light?




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