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Tiguan R has no rev limiter?


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I purchased a second hand Tiguan R from 2021 recently and i've noticed on neutral or park there is no rev limiter and I can rev the car all the way up to before the red line (i've heard usually it stops at 4500 RPM). I don't think the car has had a tune as it doesn't feel faster than a normal Tiguan R.

Does anyone know why? Is this an issue? Anyone experienced this?

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Can't comment specifically on the Tiguan, but the golf 8 R has no rev limiter. It will rev out in any mode and in neutral and P. The Tiguan has the same engine so it's probably got the same cheeky coding that VW got away with in the golf.


Hopefully someone who has a confirmed non-tuned Tiguan can confirm it for you.

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On 22/02/2024 at 11:12, NRW said:

Must just be me…..I find it difficult to get too excited by the sound of Any 4 cylinder hatch.   Volume included, so couldn’t be bothered revving the rings off a stationary R or whatever. 


Absolutely spot on,both the Rs I had last year sounded c**p at best.

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The r does sound shit at times , then I drove my R32 last week after jump starting it as parked up for 2 months, it made me miss that noise , I’m never getting rid of it the linear power and noise is unreal , still the r is a totally different type of beast , they both have their place in my life 

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