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Had car 2 weeks now slight creaking noise from front what to do ?

Brandon 73

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Good morning R owners  


Just wondering if anyone can advise me on what to do  ? 


Had my 2018 Golf R 7.5 for two weeks now, bought from Main dealer in Brighton but i live in London and it is part of the used approved programme  so two years warranty , i have never had a car under warranty before so all new to me 


Anyway i have noticed a slight sort of noise creaking, when going over speed bumps , uneven roads, turning left or right i think its suspension realted and its starting to get annoying now 


not sure what to do  ?  and the thought of going to any main dealer fills me with dread  


regards Brandon

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If it is only when turning look at top strut bearings, if happening when not turning look at bushes in suspension and ARBs.  Spraying some lubricant onto bushes can sometimes help for a while.


If it is more like a clicking when loaded up while turning then it might be a wheel bearing moving in its hub (there was a batch of cars with that problem).

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Unfortunately noisy front suspension is quite normal for the Mk7 & Mk7.5 Golf.

There are many, many posts regarding this in numerous VW forums with various temporary fixes. I say temporary because I'm not sure if there is a permanent fix for this. Some fixes last weeks while others can last years but they always seem to come back. 

Some cars are worse than others. My Mk7 is particularly bad in cold weather.

I'd take it back to your local dealer (dependant on who it is though, as some are terrible) and see what they can do. Some dealers will even tell you it's normal and to be expected. There is a TPI though I believe to remedy the suspension noise I believe where they apply 'special' grease. 😂 

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Mine has done it from new. It’s the console bushes. VW will grease them which solves the issue for a few months. I spray lithium grease on mine every now and then to shut them up, as can’t be arsed taking to the VW. Apparently there’s a few different rubber compounds used in the bushes and one of them causes the creaks.


I’ve heard replacing the bushes for Superpro solves the issue.

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Mine did the same, I poly bushed the lower control arms and that solved it, later on I had a knocking, that was a top mount.

VW will just squirt magic grease in, and that wears out over time.

It was always worse when cold too.

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Thanks for all the replys guys  


I did have a read up on some of the posts about this issue .Seems quite common , just a shame as only had the car 2/3 weeks  i will book it in this week and see what the stealers say  


Will report back   

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