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Hyundai Killing off i20 & i30 ( Vid)


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I think that as far as the UK market is concerned, the writing’s been on the wall for some time for ICE hot hatches;

  • increasing insurance costs
  • many models falling into the £40k plus list price bracket, so get hit with the additional VED
  • generally high tailpipe emissions levels, so are likely to be demonised in the same way that diesel fuelled cars have become. 

The above factors also apply to non hot hatches to a certain degree, and as you’ve said, the majority of car manufacturers investment being channelled into the development of BEV’s will force the issue.  

Is culling ICE cars and investing in BEV’s the solution to combatting vehicle CO2 emissions? IMHO, I’m not entirely convinced it is if whole of vehicle life emissions, including vehicle production and end of life disposal are considered. Maybe making lifestyle changes in how we use - and how frequently we change - our existing cars for a new replacement might be a better solution to reducing whole of life emissions. That might be an interesting debate - especially on a performance car forum 🤔, but maybe one for another time though.

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Yep BMW have axed the M340i and 340d and many Derv units have been culled in their line up further up the range. They can't shift EV's at £50k++ a pop and even the sales guy I spoke to was embarrassed at their GFV's as there is no to little equity for your next car. Just got to look at Porsche Taycan ...£100k cars now on Autotrader 2-3 yrs old at £50k!

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23 hours ago, TheBlondeFella said:

I've heard a rumour that Hyundai will be replacing their current line up of Ring taxis with EV cars in 2024.

I hope Mark & Marcus can still produce the goods.


One lap and your done?

Theyll need to have a bank of rapid chargers!

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