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Insurance for 70+ year-old owners?


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At what age does it start getting harder to insure a Golf R?

The reason I ask is that I am considering ordering a new 2025 R to replace my seven year-old mark 7 but I'll be 69 when it arrives. I have been pleasantly surprised at how reasonable it has been to insure in my 60s but I assume there comes a time (in my 70s) when I'm no longer considered low risk.

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My mother's insurance although not a Golf R but a warm hatch has only started to increase this year when she renewed (79 on renewal but will be 80 during the 12 month term)


Not sure if because of age or the fact that insurance has gone up a lot for everyone this year.

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Hi John,


If it's any help I'm 75 and the premium on my current 8R is £536, not cheap but i don't think it's unreasonable.


It's with the TR Register scheme who insure my TR6 and Dolomite Sprint , £210 to cover both, so not a mainstream insurer

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@MJC1216 - I recently helped a distraught Lady friend / neighbour whose renewal premium had increased by some  £300+ to near £900 after turning 80.   But she’d also made  a claim in the last 2 years, her fault - nobody else involved, just her Honda Jazz, in which she covers 9-10k miles per year.   I thought all the figures looked steep when we started. 
Friend could not see why her premium should go up - but accepted that Elders have a good proportion of claims, along with the under 25’s.

We spent a couple of hours, tried a specialist and a couple of comparison sites and got it reduced by about £200.  But she wanted a known insurer - a big name, so about £150 cheaper.   Friend then negotiated with her current insurer and saved about £100 on renewal, with which she was delighted. 
They All seemed expensive to me, but 9k miles ant 80+  and a recent claim wouldn’t help I guess.  And many on here report a jump in insurance come renewal time, for car and home. 

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