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Best all seasonal tire for mk8 golf r 19 inch wheels


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Was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on tires for my mk8 golf r. Seen many reviews online but want to know from people who have to live with the tires every day. Leave some suggestions.

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I’m currently running Conti Sport Contact 7s on mine and am very impressed with them.   Great grip in wet and dry and no excess noise unlike some previous iterations of CSCs.  The CSC 7s replaced the factory fitted Goodyear Eagle F1 Supersports which were fine but not on the same level as the CSC7s.   I ran 2 sets Michelin PS4S on my previous mk7R which are a brilliant tyre but have to say the Conti 7s are definitely a match for those.  I’ve got 7.5k miles on them now and the tread is at around approx 5mm tread (they start at 7mm) so I anticipate they’ll probably need replacing in roughly same miles which is a bit better than I’ve had on previous Conti tyres but less than PS4S give.  

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I had some MPS4S fitted a couple months ago, and they have been nothing short of superb. They just do everything very very well. Although the tyre has technically been replaced by the 'Pilot sport 5 S' it isn't very widely accessible currently so, I would still definitely recommend the pilot sport 4S. 

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19 minutes ago, R_wannabe_owner said:

As per discussion topic title - I think OP was asking for recommendations for all seasons tyres rather than performance summer tyres. 

Good point.  Looks like we (that replied) collectively misread/ didn’t read the title.  D.oh!

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