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Mk7 golf r lowering springs

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Hello everyone 

I need some help, I have a mk7 Golf R 2014 with adaptive suspension and would like to change the suspension, at first I was thinking about coilovers then found out it had adaptive suspension so now I'm thinking about lowering springs.

Which option would you guys go for, coilovers or lowering springs?

Only wanting to lower the car about 25 - 30 mm and improve the cars handling.

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If it's adaptive and you want to retain that, you may need to get a complete shortened adaptive strut and spring package. Bilstein do one I think. How do you find the adaptive modes on the suspension? 

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I'd not bother with either KW or Bilstein electronic kits tbh. I've had technical conversations with both companies regarding these kits. There isn't any benefit v costs over the stock DCC from the factory. I pondered over this for ages on swapping out my DCC for an ordinary Coilover kit which has the benefit of both rebound and bump adjustment. 

The Ohlins kits don't sag unlike all of the KW kits I've had and they offer the best compromise for road and track IMO.


The KW's were nice and "plush" but super low which meant more scrapes on othe Golf's I've owned. The Ohlins are just right and are low enough .



Theres a load of R&D from the US on the valving on the electronic kits hence they are not that uprated at all confirmed by the UK importers I spoke with.

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I run kw ddc coilovers and have no issues with them over a year on and 15000 miles from having them fitted. I feel they are an improvement over the oe dampers ( which were on there way out at 50 k) I agree if you track your car there's better suspension out there but if you wanna  keep dcc then kw or bilstein are your only options other than oe dampers and lowering springs. I've read somewhere that lowering springs on dcc shocks don't work as well but I'm sure others can comment on that. 

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On 11/07/2024 at 09:53, TheBlondeFella said:

Msportman used to run lowering springs (Racingline I think?!?) on his DCC equipped car for a few years prior to upgrading to his Ohlins kit, and used to rate them very highly with regards to the cost and work involved.

Absolutely Steve.

The springs probably wore the DCC dampers more prematurely but they weren't completely pooped.

The Springs made the car run flatter and as a budget set worked well on track to a point when the fluid eventually  gets hot. The damping rates are nowhere near as good on track compared to my current set up.


The downside of Ohlins is costand manual adjustment but they are much better and suit a fast road or track set up.

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