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Soundaktor Rattle - How To Guide (Pics Inside)

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1 hour ago, Celticrsmith said:

Is this a common issue guys?  I’m pretty sure mines rattling and driving me nuts 

I think its pretty common, there is an official documented fix from VW, I had mine done under warranty.

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I just did this fix today, if you don’t have shovel hands you can actually do it by just removing the passenger side plastic and pulling up the other side to give room to work.


soundactor no longer rattles as it lying in my toolbox. Unplugged and just removed it. Really annoying thing so just removed completely.

Managed to do this tonight, had enough access with the passenger side of the scuttle removed, undid the 10mm bolt and put a rubber washer on top and the rattle has stopped completely. Result. I might fool around with the volume now with obd11 to see what the best volume is but i didn't one to get rid of it completely.


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