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  1. Go easy for first 500 miles, that is the standard procedure. No hard braking at all. otherwise it will incur warping of the disc.
  2. Hi Booth, About to use Kyrtox on my pan roof, just to recap for instructions, you apply with a finger tip, then use a microfiber to wipe away the grease applied? As in running it along the seal lightly till dry?
  3. No not had the chance yet, heard it today driving home from work. Sometimes it's ok.
  4. I get wheel spin if the wheel is nearly turned full lock waiting to turn left or right at a junction and put my foot down, it's like the haldex doesn't engage unless the wheel is straight, must be how it's been designed.
  5. How do you grease up the whole seal with the roof in the way? it's a very tight gap once the roof is opened and seems only half the rubber seals can be done, will this suffice?
  6. The inside rubber seals seems perfect, its the outside rubber seals connected to the body work where the glass frame meets the seals - that's looks a bit pitted. I take it that's where the creaking is coming from?
  7. Hi all, I have read various posts regarding the pan roof rattle, mine started after I cleaned the glass with Gtecniq G6 perfect glass. I cleaned the edges of the glass which was dirty - incidentally the edges of the glass makes contact with the rubber seals. I take it this is the cause of the rattle? When I open up the roof the rattle stops. I have used this glass cleaner before to clean the glass roof and edges of the glass and never experienced this rattle before. Could anyone explain why this would happen now?
  8. Hi all, Just want to confirm if this is normal, Is there a cover/fascia on the rear brake caliper? Or is this supposed to be exposed metal as shown in the pic.
  9. Would tracking or wheel alignment cause this?
  10. Only happens under hard braking at speed when you feel the front end lean, it feel like the wheels are turning left and right, a bit like when you see sports cars squirm or front end moving around under hard braking before turning into a corner. I wouldn't say fighting but you do have to hold onto the steering wheel. Car is only 4 months old and has done 1700 miles from new . Can't be warped disc's, as I've been easy on the brakes since I've had it. Tyre pressure's are perfect all round. It doesn't happen when braking at normal speeds or slowing down. My initial thought that it could be to do with the camber or following truck grooves in the roads?
  11. Hi all, sometimes after having a quick burst of speed I brake hard, as the nose dives forward due to weight transfer I notice the cars front wheels wanting to turn left and right under braking, likes it's squirming a bit. Anyone notice this in their Golf R?
  12. Hi all, I'm looking to purchase a detailing brush to clean the brake calipers, lug nuts and inside spokes of the Pretoria alloys. Which is safer to use? Bores hair brush or a synthetic one?
  13. The MK8 Golf will be built on the updated MQB platform which will reduce weight further. It's just VAG making amendments for the current models out now.
  14. Because everyone in the UK wants black, grey or white for some reason. So I suppose the market is dictated by that.
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