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  1. pre3l2s

    Fuel Tank Error - Workshop!

    Thanks Will give dealer a call. Filled up with a tank of petrol yesterday and happened again
  2. Had a Mk7 R for almost 4 years. Third time I’ve had ‘Fuel Tank Error - take to workshop’ fault. Been into dealer each time. Second time they replaced fuel sensors. Only usually happens on cold mornings with moisture. Fuel gauge also reads zero with the fault. Anyone else had this problem?
  3. pre3l2s

    Oil Temperature

    Thanks chaps
  4. pre3l2s

    Oil Temperature

    On average how long are you looking for it to get to 100? 5 mins or so?
  5. pre3l2s

    Oil Temperature

    Hi all, Collected my Golf R white man 5 door yesterday. Drove it from VW Telford back to N. London. Fantastic car. What do you recommend as the optimum oil temperature? Can't find any info in the handbook. Also got the issue with condensation both sides of LED indicator lights. Only thing I can find wrong with it!