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  1. Hi All, Recently activated US DRL (Front indicators on in conjunction with normal DRL) on my MK7 R. However, after activating it I have discovered that the front hazard lights no longer work. I believe I have isolated this down to 2 of the adaption channels of which each turns the opposing indicator off when signalling left or right. As I’m sure one indicator flashing & the other solid lit might confuse some other drivers. I believe what is happening is the BCM is turning both front indicators off when the hazards are on as both of the adaption channels are feeding back to turn the opposing indicator off, hence no front hazard lights. I will attach the channels which I have changed, note step 3 in both left & right are the channels for opposing off. My question is, has anyone got it so that they have the US DRL activated, with opposing indicator turning off when indicating & front hazard lights functional? Many thanks, Ash.
  2. Hi Stonefish, might be worthwhile trying it when I’m back at work. I think it might just give it to the retrofitter to sort. Can’t really be arsed to mess around with it & there’s such little information floating around on this retrofit it’s hard to come up with some decent data 🤕🙃
  3. Yeah, doubled checked that coding, all good [emoji854]🤷‍♂️. As a question, on the USB wiring there’s one big data cable & 2 smaller cables. Should I have a 5V reading over these as it’s 0V there
  4. Hi DV, that’s fantastic. I’ve got something to compare mine to now. However if memory serves me correctly I’m sure mine was set to USB, Full. Is there anything that main dealer need to do in terms of activating as this is a retrofit to a 64 plate car? 🤷🏼‍♂️
  5. Hi all, Retrofitted my Discover Navigation MIB2 unit (DN) & 8” screen today. My car also came with the media in port. So I have also fitted the AUX/USB port & the wiring loom from the MIB2 to the ports. Checked the coding from the DN & byte 19 is already set to USB-Full. Everything else is fully functional except for the car play, my phone won’t charge from the port & the screen doesn’t seem to detect that a device is connected. I pulled the port back out to check it was connected, which it was. Didn’t have my radio keys at home so couldn’t pull out the MIB2 to check there, should check that tomorrow at work. My question, has anyone else retrofitted the USB/AUX port or the DN & had to do something that I’m missing? I’ve been in communication with a retrofitter but they’re asking for £50-£70 to rectify & has stated he won’t give me any advice (understandable) but my pride has taken over & I’m reluctant to pay someone else to touch my car when it’s something I can do myself. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks, Ash.
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