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  1. Right thanks guys, I'll order some of the genuine stuff again.
  2. Just noticed my coolant is on the minimum mark and I’m going a 1000+ mile trip to Scotland in a couple of weeks but I’m a bit confused which coolant I should top up with. It says G13 on the coolant tank and in the manual so I ordered some of the genuine VW G13 coolant but I just cancelled it because I realised the coolant that is currently in the car looks more red/pink to me and I believe G13 is purple and I was under impression you should never top up with different colour coolant. I was looking at these at Euro Car Parts Purple, Red and the colour seems to match the red one the best, would this be okay? I have no idea, the more I research this the more confused I get. Don’t know if it makes any difference but this is for a 2015 Golf R. - Dan
  3. Ah excellent that's just what I wanted to hear, thanks a lot Shug. I drive a Mercedes Sprinter minibus more than I drive my Golf so when I do drive it, it can feel a bit odd to me but I can see why it has the feature and I'm sure it's the better for it.
  4. Hi guys, I notice on my MK7 R that when going slowly the steering is pretty light and feels like any other car but when going faster or even pushing it in a slow corner the steering gets a lot heavier and I’m basically just wondering if this is normal? Of the many reviews I’ve watched and read I don’t recall anyone mentioning this what seems to me quite unnatural feeling. I pretty much always have the steering set to whatever the minimum option is on the ‘individual’ driving mode. I know the car has a variable steering rack that reduces the lock to lock steering input when going slowly but it also feels like it has variable steering weight and I’m just finding it a bit hard to get used to, anyone else experienced this? Dan
  5. Yeah, only just, about 1 month left. May as well take advantage of it while I still can.
  6. Yeah well I wondered if it was a problem specific to Radio X so I thought I would experiment with a different station and funnily enough it was Planet Rock that I tried. The Planet Rock logo was already on so I deleted it then added one from my SD card (PNG file, 200x120, 18.9kb) and just get the same issue, it goes on fine but turn off the car for a few minutes and its gone.
  7. Hi there fellow Golf R owners. Had my 2015 Golf R for a couple of months now and I adore it. Just got a minor but incredibly annoying problem I’m wondering if any can help with. It’s to do with the radio station logos on the infotainment system, the only station I listen to is Radio X and typically it’s one of the only stations that doesn’t have the logo already on. I can get the logo on but when the car is turned off, locked up and left a few a minutes the logo is no longer on the main display when I go back to it, it just has the blank default picture which says DAB. The thing is when I press the ‘manual’ button the image is still there on the preset/favourite list, it is also still there in on the ‘manage station logos’ page but crucially not on the main display screen. I’ve tried following the ‘how to guide’ on the VW website, I’ve tried resetting the radio to factory settings, I’ve tried putting them on with a USB stick and a SD card, I’ve tried different sizes (the lowest being 100x100 pixels), different shapes, different file types (JPEG, PNG & BMP) it doesn’t matter what I do I can’t get them to stay on the display and it is really annoying me. I usually don’t need help with things like this but this has got me beat, so if anyone can give any advice I’d really appreciate it. Dan
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