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  1. It's nice if you can afford to pay the PCP soon after, or are you guys getting lower APR somewhere else?
  2. Not bad price Dave, although you had wait
  3. Cheers I guess the general concensous is that it's not too bad a price..
  4. Yeah, I found things one sort of via carwow, indirectly after I missed out on another
  5. Thanks so far, this one will be a brand new in stock 310 so needs to be registered b4 sept, pcp running at 5.4 on it over 4 years
  6. Good afternoon all, i've been out of the PCP game for a while now and looking to see what others make of this price as i have currently got the car on 1st refusal, Brand new 5dr DSG Lapiz Blue 19" Black pretoria wheels Panoramic Sunroof Black external mirrors 90% tinted rear quarters That's it for Options wanting just shy of 32k that includes the 1500 contribution on PCP Is this a good price for the spec, i don't really have a reference seeing VW need to register these before Sept. Ta for any words of wisdom
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