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  1. Hi all does anyone have any experience with the Revo Stage1 DSG map? I have a stage 1 Revo ecu map and the carbon intake. Any feedback appreciated. thanks d
  2. Hi all Does anyone know where I can get a carbon engine / rocker cover for a golf r 7.5. ? Only ones I can find seem to be in the US and I’d rather buy from UK or Europe. Thanks D Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks! ive read the threads and literally none the wiser. sounds like eibach pro kit for ride quality but then it doesn’t seem to go that low!!! any other side shots on eibach pro kit folks?
  4. Hi All I am looking to lower my Golf Mk7 2018 R a bit. I don’t want to go down the coilover route just yet as happy with the comfort etc at the moment. Could anyone suggest some decent lowering springs? Also, if anyone had any side shots of a car on lowering springs that would be helpful. Thanks
  5. Hi All Just wondering from factory what exactly did the technology pack come with? Thanks Denis
  6. Hi All Just wondering where could I find the factory options and upgrades list for a 2016 and 2017 Golf R ? Thanks Denis
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