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  1. Hi y’all! I’m looking to get spacers, eibach suspension and Remus exhaust fitted, any ideas on who the best insurers are? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Good day to you all. I have a 7.5R with 18” Cadiz wheels. I just need to know what is the right mm to get the wheels flush with the wheel arches.
  3. I was tempting at times but ‘discipline’ to get a good mpg!!! A mix of 40% motorway, 60% A/B roads and kept up with traffic. Freewheeling where I could in Eco Mode, very impressed. Although when I went to HEREFORD on Friday a 62 plate Focus ST flashed me, then overtook me and cut me up, and sped off, so casually, from Eco mode, I put it into ‘angry mode’!!!caught up with him in what seems seconds flashed him with the LEDs (very bright). He got out of the way, so as I passed him gave him the middle finger!! He tried to keep up, no chance, I was gone!!! 😁
  4. well I’m off to Hereford today from Wolverhampton, so looking forward to the drive, in the wet!!! Beautiful twisty Windee roads. But my 7.5 DSG to the test. 🤟
  5. Hello ‘dubbers’! need some advice. After completing journeys, periodically I am getting a sort of electronic ticking sound. ‘Blip blip blip’ from the engine once I am out of the car. Any ideas?
  6. Well I have just picked up a 7.5 R with 2500miles on it. I have just returned from 75 miles journey on eco, with a bit of ACC and got 37.7 mpg getting there and 38.8mpg on the return leg. Haven’t tried the ‘race’ mode yet for longer journeys....yet
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