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  1. Thanks Raiden, will give it a go, couldnt find thread. cheeRS
  2. Have a problem, my fuel flap is stuck closed and cannot open it, anybody had this problem, how did you fix it, have taken off inside panel cannot see a cable, help.
  3. brickie


    Could someone explain how people with scanners unlock keyless cars, and are faraday pouches any help? Thanks.
  4. Hi all am I missing something ,how do I put post codes into the satnav, just says Town, and Street . Car is 15 reg.
  5. brickie


    Hi thanks for letting me join, I have a 2015 Lapiz Blue R , its running 235/35x19 and it follows the contours of the road, I wondered if the pressures are too high, what are people running at. Thanks
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