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  1. Morning all, I haven't really been looking at prices.. where would you need to be price point wise for a facelift? Decent spec.. no moon miles? What year did the facelift come in? Is there a crossover I.e. mk1 mk1.5 mk2? Apologies for all the questions as I can raise my budget. Thanks Michael
  2. Thanks for the welcome... it will be a kid free zone! My wife has a newish Ford Kuga for all those duties.. although I do prefer the look of the 5 door.
  3. Good evening all, I would just Like to introduce myself! I'm Michael currently living in Chelmsford Essex, married with 2 under 5 and another on the way. 48 in July and I believe it's called a midlife crisis! I'm looking to purchase a Lapis Blue Golf R. I've never owned a VW numerous BMW and Mercedes models.. I'm just bored of their offerings and want something that wont bankrupt me and give me the 20 year ago feeling ... with reliability and performance. I'm looking at a budget of upto £20k. Would like auto or DSG? Well lots to search on the forum. Thanks for letting me join.
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